Smart Screen is a one-stop background screening company in Malaysia created on the foundation of providing world-class screening solutions, cost-effective pricing and quicker turnaround times in the industry.


We take pride in the quality of background check offered to clients. Besides this we also do employee background verification and employment background screening services.


In our background verification process, confidentiality process is adhered at all time. We also do have quality assurance in place which monitored by the manager to ensure effective management and accuracy and employment background check in Malaysia.

Smart Screen – The Specialists in Background Screening & Employment Screening and pioneer background screening company in Malaysia

Smart Screen provides background screening solutions for companies across Asia Pacific and background verification in Malaysia.

Our background check approaches consistently prioritize the principles of excellence in serving the clients, focusing to client’s requirements, understanding their needs, and providing tailored background screening services with worth-for-money satisfaction. In Smart Screen, We deliver customized background verification reports by utilizing the minimal information for a successful pre-employment screening on your future hires. Employee background verification is much essential job that we do professionally for our clients. Our work process is tested and well known among our clients.


Smart Screen’s professionals are here to assist you with the most comprehensive and exclusive pre-employment screening for your future hires to protect your company, your employees and your clients. Our specialized Screening Associates guarantees you with the most reliable employment screening reports tailoring on your preferences in a quickest completion time. We offer a wide range of affordable employment background checks in Malaysia and in international markets. We are the best among the background screening companies in Malaysia.


Smart Screen are the well-known background screening service provider in town that assists you in hiring process for various positions in order for you to identify the ‘best fit’ candidate. A successful hiring typically relies on the candidate’s transparency on their resumes. Smart Screen helps you investigating the reliability of each candidate by conducting background verification to verify the accuracy of the information provided and subsequently safeguard a reliable employee. Our salient features are:

• Employment background screening services.
• Employee background verification
• Backgrounds check for employers especially their previous background and job history.
• Police verification.
• Employment background check in Malaysia.

Smart Screen serves you with the premium background verification services that typically emphasizes on the pre-employment screening, post employment screening, tenant verification, vendor verification and know your customer. It makes us pioneer Background screening company in Malaysia.


After many years of success stories, Smart Screen has proven to be the most recommended background check service provider in the industry by delivering the most transparent employment screening reports for a competitive price that reflects the reliable candidate among the applicants.


By engaging with Smart Screen’s world class background screening solutions which thoroughly verify the background of the candidate, you can now instantly detect any forgery or fraudulent made by the candidate prior to hiring to maintain transparency within your organization. As a background screening company in Malaysia we use specialized tools to find out the information about the candidates.


Your hunt for the trustable employment background check service provider ends here. Call us now to enjoy the exclusive background screening services at best price to make the perfect hiring. And take the opportunity of background verification in Malaysia. We offer Police check, criminal background checks for employment, tenant verification, background check, pre-employment screening, background employee, and Tenant screening in Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia and Vietnam.

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