Frequently Asked Questions

1) Employment background screening, before hiring is the key to avoid:

  • Internal thievery
  • Workplace violence
  • Low employee morale and loss of productivity
  • High turn-over rate
  • Fraud, legal liability and loss of customers

2) Through background screening, you will :

  • Detect fallacious employment applications
  • Give you the facts to make a sound hiring decision
  • Reducing turnover and hiring/training costs
  • Avoid conflicts of interest, corruption of theft of sensitive information
  • Provide a safe working environment for your employees and your customers
  • Protecting organization’s assets and enhance your company’s image
  • Gaining competitive advantage
  • Save time and money

3) By conducting tenant screening, you would be able to :

  • Reduce the risk of dealing with misconduct and other potential uncertain issues in future.
  • Helps to save time and money by recognizing high risk renters
  • Understand potential tenant financial status and payment history

4) Know your Customer/Vendor Screening will help you to :

  • Mitigate unnecessary risks associated with contingent workers
  • Certify a greater consistency among merchant
  • Help ensure vendor compliance to your specific requirement
  • Find out if the customer is genuine

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