Tenant Screening Malaysia

We cannot overlook the cases where property owners have to go through serious problems caused by their tenants. When we hear about the problems caused by the tenants, it includes the default on rents, damages to the property and many other things.


As a property owner, you need to explore some things when you are going to rent your property to someone. This is needed so that you could not face any problem in coming future because of that tenant to whom you have given your property on lease.


Being an owner, not everyone is perfectly aware of the people to whom they are renting their property. So, the proper verification and background checks are needed for that particular person, and this is known as tenant screening. Don’t be so worried we are offering the best Tenant screening in Malaysia.


Tenant screening is a process which is supposed to be carried by the landlords or property owners to evaluate the residents. This is just like a lease or rental agreement where you get confirmation that tenants are verified, and there is no criminal report against them. It also ensures that there will be no loss of your property.


Hence, there are many things that you need to verify while leasing or renting your property. But, it’s very difficult for an owner to make such verification or agreement done due to lack of time and resources. Hence, Smart Screening offers special services of Tenant Screening.


Our Tenant Screening provides instant background check with no paperwork at all. We are offering Tenant Screening services since very long time, so we have made many background checks from a simple to critical one. It’s made us the trusted organization of Tenant screening in Malaysia.


We offer complete background check services, and all of our services are always up to date. With our amazing services, we are now considered as the renowned information provider for tenant background screening, criminal checks, credit reports and employee background checks.


Our Tenant Screening Service features are:


  • Prepare instant and quick online credit report
  • Provide accurate and perfect tenants affordability check
  • Proper verification of total income
  • Online progress update
  • Current or previous landlord check
  • Perfect check for criminal background or reports
  • Allow tenants to complete application online
  • Prepare searchable database for tenants and property
  • Provide complete and detail final report
  • Tenant credit check
  • Provide free recommendation


Besides these services, we can also offer many other services that you need to have the proper verification of tenants. Our Tennant Services offer the complete service that one needs to have the proper background check, so you need not take any pressure on your mind, we will handle everything.


Why choose us as Tenant screening in Malaysia?


  • Offer the fast and economical services
  • Applicants can simply order and pay through their cell phone
  • No annual or monthly charges
  • Our credit reports provide the deep and complete reports of the credit scores
  • All of our reports are based on the law, so there is no violation of the law


If you are looking for genuine Tenant Screening services, just acquire Smart Screen’s Tenant Screening services and get the perfect background check within a very short duration of time. As we are in this arena for last long time we know how our screening service helps our customer in the country. We don’t charge a high price in the course of Tenant screening in Malaysia.



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