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At Smart Screen Solution Sdn Bhd, we passionately believe that every company has different needs. Therefore, we treat each background check request on an individual basis, with the overall objective of adding value to your business.


Our background verification services have been proven to be effective for our clients, and benefit them in many ways. Below are our services for the Malaysian region:

Type of checks available – Malaysia:

  • Education Background Check – To prevent false information on qualification obtained and inauthentic degree/ certificate submitted by the candidate.
  • Employment Background verification – To verify if the candidate has worked or had related experience from previous work.
  • Credit Check – Verify financial status and payment history of an individual
  • Reference Check – To oversee the related performance and skill of the candidate
  • Professional Membership / Professional Qualification Verification – To prevent the false information provided to strengthening the application
  • Identity Validation – Verify if the Identity card number is authentic (belongs to the candidate)
  • Security / Criminal Vetting – Background screening will be conducted to Identifies felony and/or misdemeanor level conviction records, and arrests pending adjudication
  • Civil Litigation – Verify the financial soundness of your candidate, conducted with a database compiling civil litigation records
  • Bankruptcy Verification – Background screening will be conducted to confirm if the candidate has been declared bankrupt
  • Media Search – Search of local media for negative reports pertaining to the candidate
  • Industrial Court Check – Background check will be conducted to confirm if the candidate has been listed under trade union of employers or trade union of employees.
  • Business Interest / Directorship – This background verification verifies if the candidate has directorship with any company
  • Travel Blacklist verification – This background screening verifies if the candidate has blacklisted by the Immigration Department of Malaysia from travelling out of the country
  • MACC Check – This background check verifies if candidate has corruption related activities and those related to its offences
  • CCRIS Check (Central Credit Reference Information System) – This check provides credit reports of the candidates and is managed by the Credit Bureau of Bank Negara Malaysia.
  • Global Integrity Check- A search which provides quick validation of an individual who are in the Enforcement, Sanctions, Politically Exposed People, and Adverse media listing, from more than 1200 data sources across 130+ countries.
  • Driving Offence Check – This background verification provides information on the candidate’s driving offence.
  • Anti Money Laundering – Essential in preventing identity theft, money laundering and financial fraud.
  • Terrorist Watch List – Assess the risk of your business being used to launder money unlawfully.

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