Employment Background Check With Pre-Employment Screening

Hire Smart Screen for Top-Lass Pre-Employment Screening


So, how would you know the candidates you have selected to fill the vacancies in your organization are genuine and right people for the job? Due to this reason, you must need a pre-employment background check.


To be ensured of this, most employers chose to do some background search on the new employees.


Why pre- background check employment is necessary?


Because, we cannot overlook the fact that one out of eight people has a criminal history, and you would not want to hire any such person who is involved in any criminal activity before. Do you want this kind of person who has past criminal background? Hope no you don’t want to hire someone who has criminal records. So, we offer pre-employment screening in Malaysia.


By taking all the aspects of a background check of an employee into consideration, you will find about the applicants who have given wrong information about them.


Simply put, employment background check provides an opportunity to acquire a proper information about an applicant to make sure that he/she will potentially be a good addition to the company. Such kind of background checks helps to uncover more information related to an individual.


This is the reason, why most of the companies are getting enrolled with the services of pre-employment screening to be sure of the individuals that they are hiring as perfect picks for their organization. They do because they know us. They trust us and believe that we can provide them proper pre-employment background check in Malaysia.

Because of the increasing demand for the services of employment background check, a great number of service providers are cropping up in the market to help the clients with one such service like pre-employment screening in Malaysia.


But, why to hire a service provider to perform this kind of background check?


Because, the employment screening can take a lot of time, labor and money. That means, to conduct such screening, a company will have to set up a separate team and will have to pay them as well.


This is why most commercial businesses do not choose to carry out a thorough investigation on their own and choose to outsource the work to companies specialised in pre-employment screening.


How Can We Be Your Great Partner in Uncovering Corroborating Information?


We at Smart Screen, have years of experience in carrying out pre-employment screening.


With our top-level employment screening services, we can assist you greatly in determining whether the candidate you are hiring is an accurate representation of the skills he/she has shown to you.


Being an expert in the industry, we have a deep know-how and understanding of carrying out a first-class employment background check.


This is why we can assure our clients that we are going to perform an excellent background check that will help them to hire the right employees for their organization.


Our pre-employment screening can reveal


  • Misrepresentation of job information by the candidates.
  • Reason for leaving the previous job.
  • Credit and criminal history.
  • Educational background and verification.
  • Validity and status of professional certification.
  • Driving records.
  • Personal references.


Smart Screen can be your one-stop solution for employment background check. Our team of experts can perform the employment screening most effectively so that you get the best candidates as your employees. Besides this due to tons of years of experience in this industry, we know how to co-up with the situation of background check or screening. Our long years of reputation make us the best organization in the industry of pre-employment background check in Malaysia.



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